How bees introduced themselves to me.

I'm a brewer.  Back on Mead Day 2011 while brewing with a dozen or more members of the Hogtown Brewers our group brew was invaded by thousands upon thousands of honeybees:  I'm not sure where they came from and therefore don't know if they were managed or feral, but I found them absolutely fascinating.  They descended upon everything that had honey on it including my big, charismatic brew spoon:

Low cost fermentation cooler

As I mine my deprecated blogs and other websites for stuff worth keeping, this one stands out as one of my favorites.  It's still a great how-to on building a fermentation cooler to keep your carboys cool in a tight space and on a tight budget.  At the time I did this we were in a small apartment and a chest freezer or other more advanced/expensive solution was out of the question.