About Just.Plain.Cool

This site is basically my blog. It’s mostly about things I think are just plain cool.

In addition to my point-in-time blog posts, I also maintain a handful of pages on an ongoing basis. These are personal references. I’ve tried to organize everything by topic which I think is useful.

site tech

This site is generated by Hugo.

The theme is a custom one I built from scratch. I’ve posted it to github and have a page here on the site about the theme and its features and oddities.

About the author

I’m Todd. That’s me over on the left of the page (bottom on narrow screens).

Here’s a list of my credentials related to topics I write about on this site:

Amateur Radio: I hold an Amateur Extra FCC licence. Call: NE4TW I’m a member of the ARRL and Gainesville Amateur Radio Society.

Brewing: I’m a BJCP “Certified” beer judge. I’ve been homebrewing since 2008, though much less often since having kids. I’m a member and former officer of the nationally recognized Hogtown Brewers. I’ve given public mead brewing demos and once gave a mead presentation (with tasting) to one of the local Beekeeper clubs.

Beekeeping: I kept bees from 2012 thru 2016. I still help my father-in-law with his bees. In 2012 I attended UF’s Bee College program.

My day job is systems administration work at my alma mater, the University of Florida. Historically that’s been as a Linux SysAdmin/Programmer. Though lately I’ve been doing more programming related to service automation for Windows-based services. I’ve been working in IT professionally since 2003.