Small Hopped Mead

Sat, Jun 29, 2013

This is another test recipe I dug up from 2013. The idea here is for a low alcohol hopped mead. I thought this one came out pretty good, though I think the hop bill was over strong and should be dialed back.

Plan is to use US 05 dry ale yeast w/ 1.25lb Orange Blossom honey for 1gal batch.

Ingredients: - 1.25 lbs Orange Blossom honey (Webb’s) - 0.1 oz spalter - 0.1 oz pacific jade - 0.1 oz citra - 1g yeast nutrient - 1 campden tab - 14 whirlfloc tab

Process: - Boil 34 gal water - Add hops to hop bag, submerge in boiling water, add whirlfloc, boil for 20 minutes - Remove from heat - Add honey, stir, aerate