Blackberry Mead - 2 ways

Sat, Jun 29, 2013

This is a test recipe I dug out of some old “mead lab” notes from 2013. The idea is to mix up about 6 gallons of must and split the batch for two different yeasts. These worked out pretty well in the end, though Blackberry’s tannins made really accentuated the strength and dryness.

BlackBerry Mead - 2 ways (Semi-sweet & Dry)

I want to make 2 batches of blackberry mead against my backyard honey (harvested summer 2013).

Tues, Jun 25 - make starter - boil 1L water, add 5g yeast nutrient, remove from heat and mix in 1lb backyard honey.

  • Add 2 vials WLP 720 “sweet mead” yeast - one is fresh, the other is a month past date
  • Plan is to keep starter on stir-plate for 36 -48 (remove from stir plate Thursday evening, 627
  • Stop stir plate and allow to begin fermentation in starter vial - 24 hr

Fri, Jun 28 - make total 6gal must:

  • Add 1lb fresh blackberries and 12 whirlfloc tab to 1gal 120F water - stir and allow to sit for 30 minutes
  • Mix 14lb backyard honey & 6 campden tabs w/ 3.5 gal cool water, stir, aerate
  • Add entire warm blackberry mix to must
  • Pour half must into 2nd bucket (split must)
  • Swirl up yeast starter and add 12 to 1st bucket of must (semi-sweet batch)
    • saving 2nd half of yeast starter for another batch of SS mead
  • Add packet of dry Monticello yeast to 2nd bucket (dry batch)

Fermentation: room temp should be fine for these.