Testing Wifi with netcat

I recently picked up a new 802.11ac wireless router because it was on sale. I’ve been on 802.11n for several years and really didn’t have any complaints, but it was a good deal and a chance to restructure my home network a bit.

Here’s a quick and dirty drawing of my network layout before and after done using GNU Dia (first time using this tool, so maybe not a great example):

network diagram before and after

Nothing special, but in the “after” config you can see that I have both wireless access points available, so I was curious to test throughput differences on AC vs. N. I went looking for a simple way to test throughput on a local network. I found this page that uses netcat and dd to push data across the network with some reporting on throughput.

While testing I tweaked the source of the data a bit and found some interesting results about the speed of 802.11AC vs N as well as AC vs /dev/urandom.

CodeCommit: private git repos in AWS Free Tier

If you’re like me the idea of a private git repo is pretty appealing. It’s tempting to add a github subscription to enable private repos, but that’ll run you $7/month… a fairly steep price for a casual user.

This is where AWS CodeCommit comes in. CodeCommit is available, with some limitations, to the AWS Free Tier.