Lemmy explorer

I’ve joined the u.fail Lemmy instance, and one immediate challenge, especially on a small instance, is finding communities on remote instances. I came across Lemmy Explorer, which has been great for helping find communities.

A week with macOS Big Sur on M1

My curiosity with the new Apple Silicon M1 got the better of me, so I bought myself a base-model (8G RAM/256G SSD) Mac Mini. I’ve now had the thing for a little over a week, and used it exclusively to get through a week of work. Here are my notes on the experience.


I have had a Mac before, it was a 13” Powerbook back in the days before they switched to Intel. Since then I’ve been Linux on the desktop with stints of Windows mixed in. Because of the last major stint with Windows I found my preferred desktop environment to be Cinnamon - it shares all of the Windows 10 desktop metaphors and many similar keyboard shortcuts, so it made switching back-and-forth easy. I share this because it helps explain my desktop comfort zone, and some of what I was looking to reproduce in my switch to MacOS.