CodeCommit: private git repos in AWS Free Tier

Wed, Jan 4, 2017

If you’re like me the idea of a private git repo is pretty appealing. It’s tempting to add a github subscription to enable private repos, but that’ll run you $7/month… a fairly steep price for a casual user.

This is where AWS CodeCommit comes in. CodeCommit is available, with some limitations, to the AWS Free Tier.

Free Tier users get up to 5 active user, unlimited private repos (no public repos), 50GB-month of storage, and 10k Git requests/month. And CodeCommit is part of the AWS “Always Free” offerings, so unlike certain other services the free features don’t start generating charges after 12 months.

Beyond 5 users you have to start paying $1/month. Still not bad.

This offering was brought to my attention as I was working to port my blog over to Hugo, and it was perfect for getting my theme repo off the ground (though I’ve recently moved it to a public git repo). I’ve also chosen to keep some of my personal docs in CodeCommit.

Anyway, I think CodeCommit is a great option for a small personal or small-group project that will save you some money each month.