How bees introduced themselves to me.

I'm a brewer.  Back on Mead Day 2011 while brewing with a dozen or more members of the Hogtown Brewers our group brew was invaded by thousands upon thousands of honeybees:  I'm not sure where they came from and therefore don't know if they were managed or feral, but I found them absolutely fascinating.  They descended upon everything that had honey on it including my big, charismatic brew spoon:

Dear Neighbors,

An open letter to my neighbors about my decision to keep thousands of stinging insects in your vicinity. Dear Neighbors, I’m not entering into beekeeping casually. I’m spending a lot of time and effort to do this thing right. A big part of my success will be achieved by not upsetting you and your family. I’m sincere in my desire to be a good neighbor and a good beekeeper. I want my bees to contribute to the neighborhood, and not become a bother.