Adventures in Beekeeping

I initially conceived this site with the following purposes in mind:

  • A place to aggregate useful information that I’ve found for myself as a novice, small-scale beekeeper.
  • A resource for coordination between myself and those who will be assisting me in my beekeeping endeavors.
  • A reference point for my neighbors and other folks who may come in contact with my beekeeping activities.

Beyond that I have some hopes that this site can be helpful to other folks interested in bees.

My Goals for Beekeeping

  • Master the art and science of keeping bees
  • Help pollinate my garden, fruit trees, and other neighborhood flora
  • Collect enough honey to share with friends, family, and neighbors
  • Vertically integrate my mead making operation ;)
  • Not piss off my neighbors
  • Help teach others about bees and beekeeping

My Beekeeping Resume