Setup TQSL with existing config

Sat, Jan 21, 2017

I want to have TrustedQSL installed and configured on my Linux system so I can upload QSO (log lines) to ARRL’s LotW.

In my case I’m moving from a functional install of TrustedSQL on another machine, so I won’t cover all the steps to start using TQSL as a new user (like requesting a signing cert from the ARRL). If you’re brand new to TQSL, head to ARRL’s intro page.


Ubuntu has a TrustedQSL package available in its default repos, so installation is simple:

sudo apt-get install trustedqsl

When you open the version that Ubuntu provides you’ll be warned that there’s a newer version available. That’s OK. This is a case where I’ve found running the provided version is OK even though its not the latest. For me its not worth getting the newer version to build from source (ARRL doesn’t provide a packaged version of the software).

Importing existing config

In a previous post I mentioned exporting the TrustedQSL config from my old station computer for import onto the new machine. The ARRL published instrustion on Export/Import (Backup/Restore) of your TSQL config in a PDF titled “Moving LoTW to Another Computer”. The process is pretty straight forward: select “Restore Station Location, Certificates, and Preferences” from TSQL’s ‘File’ menu and then browse for the tqslconfig.tbk file that’s been brought over from the old machine.


Now that TSQL is configured it can be used by CQRLOG to upload QSOs to LotW.


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