Intro to Rugby

During the global pandemic shutdown there were basically two live sports in the whole world: Formula 1 and New Zealand Rugby in the form of Super Rugby Aotearoa. I adopted both sports. Since then keeping up with F1 has gotten easier in the US, but Rugby mostly dissappeared from our sports media. So this year I picked up a subscription to Florugby and am back at it; however, it’s a little lonely since none of my friends are rugby fans. To help with that, I decided to collect some links for the uninitiated to help serve as a jumping in point for rugby and just in time for the 2023 Rugby World Cup! So here goes:

Old Matches:

Other ways to watch:

  • World Rugby just launched RugbyPass TV which is currently free and includes archive matches, rugby shows, and apparently some live matches too!
  • As mentioned above, in the US Florugby carries tons of matches at many levels from all over the world

Things I like about rubgy:

  • I mostly watch rugby union, but the little bit of rugby league I’ve watched was fun too!
  • During that 2020 NZ Rugby season I adopted the Chiefs as my home team.
  • In international rugby I pull for NZ and Wales
  • The women’s game is at least as much fun as the men’s game.
  • The mic’d-up referee- it helps with insight during penalties and other deliberations.
  • Since most of what I watch is international in the Pacific or Europe, I enjoy weekend mornings with coffee and a contest.