FCS dome stirred some memories

Though I’m never succinct, I’ve largely avoided the long-form blog post. No really, I swear. But it’s 2021 and times change. Exactly why they change is often elusive or at least subtle, but not this week. Here’s the sequence of texts that led us to where we now find ourselves (somewhat edited for brevity; I assure you it will be the last occurrence of this practice):

Me: I’m starting my FCS journey with a replay of the Ill. St vs UNI game

Me: Bethany [and I] have been in UNI’s dome- we saw Blues Traveler play there that year we were biking across Iowa

Brett: I feel like you need to submit that last text to Spencer Hall for his podcast

Me: I’d hoped to find an Idaho home game, but didn’t see any. I really want to see the kibbe [sic] dome

Brett: If it’s not already the subject of a Wes Anderson-esque Indy film than it should be

Me: we also camped in the field of dreams town that summer too

Me: it was quite an adventure

Me: yeah, Lance Armstrong passed us on the road on the way into Cedar Falls and then spoke at the concert before leaving the ride early to fly to France to support his team who was on the verge of winning the tour Alberto Contador won that year riding for team discovery

Brett: Man I really want a long form blog post detailing this trip

Well Brett, here you go.

Repairing a Samsung front-loading dryer

A few days ago my wife emailed me to say our dryer was screwed up. Her evaluation of the situation was “it smells like burnt rubber and is making a horrible sound”. So I had her unplug it and make sure it wasn’t smoldering or outright on fire.

That evening I was having an internal debate about whether to dig in and try to assess and fix the thing myself, call somebody, or just cut right to buying a new one. This thing is seven years old afterall and I have the impression they make these things to last about 5 years. However, my wife description of the smell of burnt rubber sounded awfully like a belt was involved, and I hate to buy a whole new appliance just because of a belt.