Astrophotography: Yet Another Hobby is Born!

Fri, Aug 18, 2017

Last week I stumbled across /r/astrophotography, and realized that many of those amazing astronomy photos I’ve seen online are actually taken by amateurs. I guess I’d assumed any photos of deep space objects were from Hubble or some professional observatory.

Since this discovery I’ve begun reading everything I could find about the field of astrophotography. I’ve found some amazing stuff, and will be posting some of the links. I think the thing that got me really excited was this technical talk by Charles Bracken:

What really blew my mind is that he’s able to acquire pretty great images in such a heavily light polluted locale. His blog is here and includes some great info, including links to buy his book, The Deep-Sky Imaging Primer. I’ve just begun reading the book, and find the material technically gratifying while being written in an accessible style.

This is a fun time to be focusing on astronomy with so much interest in the upcoming solar eclipe. Judging by the activity on various forums, it seems I’m not the only one taking an interest.