Last Weekend's Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

Sat, Oct 12, 2013
Last weekend I joined the St. Augustine FL edition of Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk event.  This was the first photo walk I've participated in, but it won't be the last.   It was an excellent experience thanks to a friendly group, great conditions, and interesting locales.

The walk leader, Mel Reyes-Abbey, did a great job of getting our 30-person group through St. Augustine's notable landmarks in time to catch great morning light.  Afterwards she quickly posted a g+ event that allowed everyone who had participated to post their photos.  This followup on Google+ was perhaps my favorite part of the experience.  I found it edifying to see the product of other people's photographic interpretations of a shared experience.  The differences between how I viewed various subjects and situations and how others viewed the same were significant and interesting.  I especially enjoyed seeing the images in which the person had captured a familiar subject or composition that I hadn't thought to capture or view in quite the same way.

I shot the entire walk with my new Tokina 12-28mm wide angle lens which made for a fun and slightly challenging experience.

Here's are some links to the gallery I created for my photowalk images over at SmugMug: