A good place to start

Thu, Aug 22, 2013
The whole point of this blog is to demonstrate how little I actually know about HDR techniques by HDRing everything I can get my lens on; the images speak for themselves. That said, I suppose I'm a little self conscious about my meager body of knowledge especially when it's stacked against the temerity I demonstrated by registering hdr-everything.com on a lark.  The domain name makes it seem like this ought to be a place that reasonable readers would go looking for HDR information aside from just some goofball with Photomatix.  With that in mind, here's my first tip for learning about HDR.

It's certainly not a unique tip as Trey Ratcliff and his blog, stuckincustoms, are quite popular and well regarded.   However, if you are (as I am) new to photography and HDR techniques Trey's Free HDR Tutorial is a good place to start.

I have yet to avail myself of his paid tutorials, but I'd imagine they're probably worthwhile too.  In addition to learning resources, he's also got quite the collection of coupons for various things you might want: photomatix and smugmug come to mind.

Shortly after posting this recommendation / suggestion, I noticed that stuckincustoms is currently running a time-limited sale on the paid HDR tutorial ($49 instead of $89).  From the product website, it includes:

 Bonus Edition includes:

- Free eBook, Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing
- Full access to private Clubhouse community (ooh  là là! doesn't this sound swanky)
- Over 130 RAW Working Files
- 11+ hours of video instruction across 9 classes
- Available to download immediately

I'm currently working through another tutorial that I'll post about later, but since this sale is going on, I think I'll go ahead and pick up Trey's tutorial for later consumption.

Well, there it is Dear Reader, some honest to goodness advice.