The blog is dead; long live the blog.

Fri, Jul 26, 2013
For the record I've blogged before, and I have always failed it.  Maybe that will happen here too.  However, I think part of my rocky history with blogging has to do with the separate, focused nature of the blogs I've attempted in the past.  This approach doesn't suite a collector of hobbies and interests such as myself.

There was a personal blog back before social networking took off.  I really hated that one and burned it with fire.
Then there was the home brewing blog.  I managed to get some good posts in there, but in hindsight most of it was just filler in the name of trying to post regularly.  

Most recent was the beekeeping blog.  That one failed because once you understand the basics of small-scale beekeeping it becomes routine.  Sure sometimes interesting things happen, but it's not the sort of thing to really occupy enough website real estate to be worthwhile, so the downward spiral began. 

I see an analogy for this process of developing a disinterest in something of interest (note: this is different from "losing interest", though in terms of relative values of interest that might apply) in getting a puppy or having a kid.  At first you're so engrossed with trying to understand everything that's going on with this fascinating new creature you can't help but notice, comment on, maybe keep a diary of what they eat, the frequency and quality of their bowel movements, every new behavior they exhibit.  Then after a while it becomes old hat.  You pretty well understand the routine, the rates of change, and what the error bars and acceptable tolerance are to the system.  Time to collect a new hobby. (I'm not advocating the collection of children or dogs as a hobby, though if it's your thing be responsible.)

Anyway, all of this to say that over the next few weeks I'll be porting any worthwhile stuff from my failed blogs and other sundry web repositories to this one.  There will be no material from the aforementioned personal blog, OK?  OK.