List of games

Wordle-like games

Boy a lot of these have sprung up!

Party games

Things listed in this section are well suited to being played with friends over Zoom or Discord. Most will require a host to screen-share and each participant to use their own device to participate.

Trivia/Quiz platforms

  • SpeedQuizzing Live - Fee for each “activation”, which includes a 60-question pack. Allows for creating your own questions as well.
  • Kahoot! - Subscription based. Existing question pools exist, but they’re oriented towards education, so you’ll probably end up rolling your own questions for game night.

Trivia / Quiz / Riddle

  • Crewcible - social/cooperative escape-room trivia/brain-teasers


  • One Night Werewolf - social deduction
  • Wavelength - Requires mobile app. Fee for expanded content (topics). Adaptation of the cooperative mind-reading board game.
  • Gartic phone - Telephone game with drawing.


The Jackbox party packs contain so many games they get their own category. The biggest downside is that someone in your group will have to purchase the packs, which run from $12 to $30, though often go on sale. A few of the games can be purchased individuallly too - Drawful 2, Quiplash, and Fibbage XL

Here’s a link to a Fandom page that provides info on all of the games in the party packs.

Yet to be tried

Here’s a list of online games that we’ve yet to try: