The folding of time and blogs

Sun, Jul 27, 2014
The past year has been full of new interests, new hobbies, and a new baby.  As the dust settles and I meander back towards maintenance of the blog I ran into a problem that I've periodically caused for myself - the unnecessary factorization of interests.

Last year when I was more actively tinkering with photography I fancied the idea of a second blog for purpose of isolating and recording my attempts to HDR everything.  I think HDR techniques are great fun and easily overwrought, so why not apply the technique to photos of really mundane stuff!  I registered the domain and pointed it at a blog very similar to this one with different content and tone.

Here I am a year later having done a poor job of maintaining one blog, much less two.  So I've now folded the hdr-everything blog content back into the main foximperial blog.  Blogger makes such an operation exceedingly simple.  Here's a link to the reference that outlines the process.  After folding the content of the 2nd blog back into this one, I placed a permanent redirect at the old URL to redirect to the selection of posts within this blog labelled with the 'hdreverything' keyword.  Blogger makes this operation pretty simple too.

With this housekeeping now taken care of, I'm hoping to get back at it a bit.